4 Signs You Need Professional Termite Control Services

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Termites can cause significant damage to your home by feeding on wood sources in your walls, floors, or other structures.

4 Signs You Need Professional Termite Control Services

Here are 4 signs that you may need to call a termite control professional.

  1. Termite Swarming. Termites tend to travel in swarms during the spring, and if you see large groups of these insects flying around your home, it can be a sign that you need termite control to handle an infestation. Remember that you may not see the bugs themselves during swarming season, so be on the lookout for piles of insect wings or dead termites.
  2. Evidence of Wood Damage. Termites eat wood and other cellulose-based materials like drywall, so if you notice cracked or shredded wood or find that your walls have a hollow sound when you knock on them, it’s time to call a professional to determine if you have a termite problem, and if so, to locate and eliminate the infestation.
  3. Bulges in Wood Flooring. Bulges or bubbles in hardwood flooring can signify termites in your home. When termites eat through wood below the floor, moisture pockets create buckling in wood floors.
  4. Mud Tunnelling on Exterior Walls. Termites can also burrow into a home from underground, leaving tunnels made of mud on exterior walls. If you see mud tubing on the walls outside, call for termite control services right way to address the infestation.

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