Does Bee Control Get Rid of Bees Permanently?

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Bee control should always be handled by a professional who can eliminate the bees safely. Seeing bees swarming around your home can be unsettling, but our bee control services will identify the type of bees you have and exterminate or relocate them. Carpenter bees can damage your property, so they should be eliminated, but honey bees, or pollinators, need a new home.

Does Bee Control Get Rid of Bees Permanently?

To permanently rid your home of bees, the type of bee needs to be identified. Beneficial bees such as bumble bees and honey bees should be protected and relocated. North Carolina has put protections in place, along with those from the federal government, to help honey bees.

You may be able to identify the type of bee you have from its appearance.

  • Bumble bees are fuzzy and about an inch long with black and white stripes and short wings. Their nests are close to the ground in wood piles or compost piles.
  • Honey bees are about half an inch long, and their nests are in hollowed-out areas. Honey bee colonies can have up to 80,000 bees.
  • Carpenter bees are not fuzzy and have a black abdomen. They drill holes in wood to lay their eggs and do not live in colonies.

Our highly trained technicians can devise a bee control plan to deter future bee infestations. Don’t attempt to remove the bees yourself. Also, do not:

  • Pour boiling water into a hive
  • Seal the bee hive’s exit hole
  • Spray chemicals on the bees

Call us today if you need a bee control expert who can solve your bee infestation with care.