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Our technicians who perform crawlspace care are experienced and well-trained.

Crawlspaces are common in homes throughout Lumberton, North Carolina and the surrounding area. This section of a house sits beneath the main living area and provides access to the plumbing, HVAC, and electrical systems. However, its position below the ground floor makes it a prime target for moisture issues and other concerns. Moisture damage is worrisome enough on its own, but when it spreads through the crawlspace, the presence of moisture can also increase the risk of pest infestations. All types of pests rely on water to stay alive, and a damp crawlspace provides a water source at all times.

Crawlspace Care in Lumberton, North Carolina

While most property owners don’t spend a lot of time thinking about their crawlspaces, our team at Canady’s Termite & Pest Control can take care of this space on your behalf. Crawlspace care is something we’re passionate about, and we believe it goes hand-in-hand with pest control. It’s nearly impossible to keep pests under control if they keep coming back to a place where they have shelter and water. By caring for your crawlspace and eliminating the risk of moisture damage, we can lessen the ongoing pest problems you may be dealing with at home.

Our technicians who perform crawlspace care are experienced and well-trained. We know what to look for when it comes to crawlspace concerns and can address a wide range of issues with solutions that have proven to be effective. If you have any questions about our crawlspace care services or what we can do to protect your home, don’t hesitate to reach out.

At Canady’s Termite & Pest Control, we offer crawlspace care services to those in Fayetteville, Hope Mills, Lumberton, Ocean Isle Beach, Princeton, Little River, Shallotte, Pinehurst, Southern Pines, Holden Beach, Carthage, Raeford, Spring Lake, Sanford, and Vass, North Carolina.


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