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We use targeted flea control products to eliminate all traces of the pesky parasites.

Fleas are parasites that survive by consuming the blood of their hosts, which are typically mammals and birds. When you share your home with dogs, cats, and other furry friends, these animals can bring fleas into the living space, often undetected. A flea infestation is uncomfortable for your canine or feline companion, but it can also create a concern for you and your human family members as well. Fleas spread to other areas of the house, feeding on both human and animal hosts by biting the skin and leaving behind itchy, irritated, red spots.

Flea Control in Vass, North Carolina

You may notice some warning signs of a flea problem in your home, such as black specks in the carpet or on your bedding or furniture, In addition to red spots on the skin. When fleas are on animals, the animals tend to scratch more frequently or exhibit signs of discomfort or irritation. You may even be able to see the fleas on your pet’s skin by parting the fur. The first step in flea control is eliminating the issue on your pet, which must be done through a veterinarian. If you have your home treated but your furry friend still has fleas, the treatment won’t do much by way of flea control. It’s recommended to schedule your home flea control service at the same time as your pet’s flea control treatment.

At Canady’s Termite & Pest Control, we offer flea control services to those in the Vass, North Carolina area. Our team of professionals can target and eliminate fleas in your living space, helping you to enjoy a more comfortable environment. We use targeted flea control products to eliminate all traces of the pesky parasites.

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