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It may seem like cockroaches could survive the radiation of a nuclear attack, but they won’t survive our cockroach control protocol!

There are few pests that give us the creeps as much as cockroaches. Just the thought that something can survive for weeks without its head is enough to want to have a good plan for cockroach control in place for your Fayetteville, North Carolina home. At Canady’s Termite & Pest Control, we have been providing effective pest control services since 1978, so it is safe to say that we’ve had time to learn the best processes for cockroach control and combatting their very prolific and determined-to-live nature.

Cockroach Control in Fayetteville, North Carolina

It has been said that cockroaches would survive a nuclear bomb, but that is not accurate. While they could survive the radiation, the heat would vaporize them just like everything else in the path of the explosion. Thankfully, we do not have to use anything that powerful or dangerous to provide effective cockroach control!

You can feel confident that we’ll address all life cycles of the cockroaches, as our cockroach control falls under the same 90-day warranty as our other pest control services. We’ll keep coming back at no additional charge to you until the very last cockroach has its legs in the air! Don’t let cockroaches keep bugging you – call us and we’ll send them packin’!

Cockroach Control in Fayetteville, North Carolina

If you have any questions about our cockroach control or any of our pest control or moisture control services, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

At Canady’s Termite & Pest Control, we offer cockroach control services to those in Fayetteville, Hope Mills, Lumberton, Ocean Isle Beach, Princeton, Little River, Shallotte, Pinehurst, Southern Pines, Holden Beach, Carthage, Raeford, Spring Lake, Sanford, and Vass, North Carolina.